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LANEIGE Neo Essential Blurring Finish Face Powder 7g

LANEIGE Neo Essential Blurring Finish Face Powder 7g

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A handy blurring moisturization powder to reduce dryness.
A thin and light powder for the delicate makeup.
A fresh finish without dryness.
Can be used anywhere without a hassle of getting powder everywhere.
The close-fitting Neo Cushion fits seamlessly, even on sunscreen and works as a perfect match with foundation.
Amorepacific's first silicone score refill mesh that is handy to carry around.
This is a one-time use structure where the contents only come out only when pressed which makes it easy to adjust the amount.
Unlike mesh fabric with holes, a compact structure with a score mark where the contents ooze out when lightly pressed has little powder leakage and is easy to adjust the amount.
The long and dense velvet bristle attaches smoothly to the skin without any powdery residue.
Use the vegan puff for better safety.

Featured ingredients

Micro-sized powder particles fit to the skin smoothly and evenly without leaving any gaps.
Blue Hyaluronic Acid helps skin stay hydrated and soothed without drying out.
Contains Pinus Thunbergii Leaf/Mentha Haplocalix Extract.
Micro-sized powder particles control the oil effectively and keep a seamless glow without getting clumped up by sweat.

How to use

Spread it out evenly at the last step of the base skincare.

*Be careful not to press too hard on one side to avoid contents from bursting out.
After use, make sure to completely close the refill cap so that powder does not accumulate and leak.

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