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Holika Holika Hard Cover Perfect Cushion (Tanning Edition)

Holika Holika Hard Cover Perfect Cushion (Tanning Edition)

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Hard Cover Perfect Cushion EX [Tanning Color] with a sun protection factor SPF50+ and PA++++.
It is a cushion foundation that adheres tightly and does not crumble for a long time and has a smooth and fresh finish.
Utilizing a new dispersion process for a more powerful and sophisticated cover solution, the finely homogenized covering pigments are applied evenly to create an ultra-lightweight, ultra-fixed, high-density cover skin that adheres to the skin without lifting and is as thin and light as your own skin.
It is a thin but powerful cover, flawless tanning cushion.
Even if you reapply, it fixes thinly to the skin without clumping.
Fine pigment particles made by special treatment fills and conceals pores, giving you a thin, lightweight feel and excellent fit like your skin, covering fine wrinkles and bumps smoothly and precisely.

Featured ingredients
The skin-fitting formula forms a thin layer over the skin to keep moisturizing ingredients close to the skin to increase makeup maintenance, while Sebum Control Powder absorbs sweat and sebum for a smooth, fresh feel for long-lasting dense coverage.
The more powerful moisturizing essence delivers rich moisture and nourishment, while the three-dimensional dual effect of Air Touch Powder and Refractive Glossy Up Oil is projected to create a smooth and luxurious skin texture with a firm but non-sticky fresh finish while leaving the pure glow.
Flush Cover & Polubarrier™ helps strengthen moisture and strengthen skin barrier.
Dense, rich coverage lasts for a long time
Flexible Lasting polymer blended with highly volatile oils to increase makeup maintenance, while Sebum Control Powder catches oils such as sweat and sebum for a fresh and clear skin expression as it if was the first time applying it.

How to use
1. Take an appropriate amount and gently spread over face along skin texture.
2. Apply thoroughly on areas with curves such as the nose and eye corners with the edge of the puff.
* For a more delicate and smooth skin look, please use a flat foundation brush.
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