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MEDIHEAL The NMF Ampoule Mask Sheet Original 10P

MEDIHEAL The NMF Ampoule Mask Sheet Original 10P

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It shows 2.7 billion accumulative sales.
It provides overwhelming moisturizing power for 72 hours.
It is suitable for those who experience severe skin tightness after cleansing, dryness regardless of the skincare products used, and makeup that flakes off due to dull skin.
It keeps the skin moisturized every day with 72-hour moisturizing power.
With a consumer rating of 4.8/5, it improves skin tightness, strengthens the skin barrier, maintains moisturizing power, and provides a moist and firm finish with 100% satisfaction.
Provides moisture to the skin up to 10 layers in 3 seconds, demonstrating an increase of 547% in moisture content on the 1st layer.
It keeps the skin moist for 72 hours with just one use.
It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin from moisture to elasticity without stickiness.
It is a functional product for wrinkle improvement.
It delivers moisturizing and elastic energy deeply into the skin with non-irritating, eco-friendly sheets.
It has been tested and has received an excellent rating from the German Dermatology Test and has a skin irritation rating of 0.00 in sensitivity tests.
It is suitable for those who experience tightness after cleansing, feel more dryness as they age, have dull skin that causes makeup to look cakey, and want to manage their skin moist and firm.

Featured ingredientsIt provides a seamless moisturizing effect with Hydrodeeper™ containing essential moisture factors for the skin and 8 types of hyaluronic acid.

How to use

1. After cleansing, use toner for even skin texture and then attach the mask sheet on the face.
2. Remove the sheet after about 10–20 minutes, and gently pat the remaining essence to absorb.

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