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AROMATICA Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner 400mL

AROMATICA Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner 400mL

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This thickening hair conditioner is free of silicon, thus safe for the scalp pores.
AROMATICA extracts herbs and plants directly with authentic aromatherapy methods in its own manufacturing factory. It is safe for pores with no silicone added and helps condition the roots of the hair without burdening the scalp and hair.
A professional perfumer and aromatherapist blended it as the optimal formula for a healthy scalp. It is a conditioning product with a soft and lightweight finish that leaves the tangled and rough hair smooth and calm. It has obtained the UK Vegan Certification.

Featured ingredients

Rosemary, which has warm properties, helps to nourish and energize the scalp and care for hair conditions that have started to deteriorate.
It contains rosemary, pine, oregano, and basil, which provide scalp vitality and root nutrition.
It helps to soothe and strengthen the scalp with ginger.

How to use

Dispense an appropriate amount after shampooing and apply evenly to the entire hair.
Wait for 2–3 minutes until the hair is supplied with nutrients, then rinse thoroughly.

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