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REAL TECHNIQUES Eye Shade + Blend Makeup Brush Trio

REAL TECHNIQUES Eye Shade + Blend Makeup Brush Trio

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REAL TECHNIQUES Eye Shade + Blend Trio is the necessary brush set for the eye makeup, covering from the base to the eyebrows.
Since its launch in 2011, REAL TECHNIQUES has been leading the way in the leading use of professional makeup tools previously used exclusively by experts and emphasizing the importance of “how” to use makeup rather than “what” to use.
REAL TECHNIQUES has won the Olive Young Awards Make-up Tool Category for three consecutive years, is the number one selling Make-up Tool brand in the UK, and is a selling brand in over 60 countries around the world.
According to customer reviews, the brush bristle has a soft and fluffy tension that allows it to be smoothly applied while blending while rolling it sideways, is quite large and flat that it can be used for both nose shading and base shading, and is light enough to allow for subtle and delicate shading. Customers were highly satisfied with the product, saying that it was significantly better than the brushes they had been using previously based on the lightweight product and the delicate and subtle colorization.
The only necessary bundle for your Eye & Brow makeup.
In addition to its basic purpose, it can also be used for various purposes, such as nose shading, tidying up after mascara eyelashes, etc.Featured ingredientsThe aluminum body is firm and light.
Dual Brush completes the delicate eyebrow shape and texture care.
The blending brush is soft and light, while the brow brush is firm, giving more suitable options for the makeup routine.

The set is composed of two blending brushes of different sizes and a eyebrow dual brush.

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