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MEDIHEAL Vitamide Brightening Pad 100P Double Pack

MEDIHEAL Vitamide Brightening Pad 100P Double Pack

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This is the No.1 pad that won 9 awards including two times OLIVE YOUNG No.1, two times Hwahae No.1, Amazon No.1, and two times Beauty Pin No.1 respectively.
MEDIHEAL's Vitamide Brightening Pad is a skin brightening pad that helps to remove keratin and brighten the skin tone.
The strict customer reviews said 100% improvement in roughness, 100% evened out skin tone, 100% skin clarity, and 100% overall satisfaction without any irritation.
Visible blemishes were improved by 15.51% and hidden blemishes were improved by 16.91%, resulting in a double blemish improvement effect.
Red skin tone improved by 58.92%, dull skin tone improved by 10.10%, yellow skin tone improved by 15.62%, resulting in a 3-tone skin tone improvement effect.
Completed the sensitive skin irritation test, so it is safe for use.
Vita Essence is absorbed to the last sheet, providing nourishing and vibrant care.
This pad absorbs all of the essence in the container and eliminates the worry of leftover essence and floating impurities.
Provides perfect fitting care with a thin, wide, vegan-certified silk pad without irritation.
Cover every corner with a customizable pad that you can use in all desired areas.
This product comes with 100 sheets for increased usability and a built-in tweezer for hygienic use.
The built-in tweezers are renewed to become more strong and delicate.
This product quickly and effectively improves pore condition and brightens skin tone to make it clearer and brighter.
Recommended when you need quick blemish improvement, when you want to easily solve dry skin, when you need clear and clean finishing care, and when you want a moist and non-stimulating feeling.

Featured ingredients Contains highly concentrated Hippophae Rhamnoides Water and 7 essential vitamins that make the skin bright like the fluorescent lamp.
With the addition of the liposome method, vitamins are broken down into small particles with fast and deep absorption to quickly show blemish brightening effects in every corner of the skin.
The skin is cared by the brightening functional ingredient, Niacinamide (3%) for a bright and clear complexion.

How to usePact Toner:

Attach to the area of skin concern like a face mask and use after cleansing.
You can customize it to fit your face shape by holding the ends of the pad and pulling it apart with the material that will expand.

Wiping Toner: Gently wipe along the skin texture like a face mask after use.
*Rub the two pads attached to the file together to give you a stronger keratin removal effect.

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