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MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Trouble Pad 100P (+100P Double Set x OPANCHU Edition)

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Trouble Pad 100P (+100P Double Set x OPANCHU Edition)

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No.1 MEDIHEAL pad that won 27 awards.
The best toner pads, as picked by 60 influencers who've tried them.
No.1 tea tree pad.
According to Hwahae satisfaction survey results, 99% reviewers responded this product is non-sticky and fresh, 98% about soothing of heated skin, 97% about mild texture, 98% about skin soothing, 97% about the pad size, and 98% of reviewers responded they would recommend it to others.
Completed test for acne skin type. Provides noticeable skin improvement by 49.17%, improves activated sebaceous glands by 24.47%, soothes irritated skin by 66.70%. Completed skin irritation test for sensitive skin.
Soothes acne by 95%, and 100% satisfaction in soothing of heated skin, non-sticky and fresh texture, and non-irritating mild texture.
With the fabric that holds an ample amount of formula, gently provide care without any of the pads drying up until the end.
The pad containing one bottle of essence is completely carefree from remaining essence and impurities.
The thin and wide vegan pad completely adheres on skin for thorough skin care.
The bulk amount of pads and embedded tweezers provide sanitary use.
Recommended for those who need quick and deep daily soothing, want to easily remove sensitive skin concerns, need gentle skin texture care, and want to use mild and non-sticky refreshing texture.

Featured ingredients

Jeju tea tree is added with lactobacillus along with tea tree calming biome that is extracted for 200 hours for perfect soothing care.
Fine tea tree calming biome particles provide quick and deep moisturizing.

How to useToner pack: Attach the pad on areas for soothing for 10 minutes.
Then, lightly pat remaining essence for absorption.
#Toner wipe: After using toner like mask pack, gently wipe along skin texture.

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