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MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Essential Mask Sheet Set 10P★2023 Awards★

MEDIHEAL Tea Tree Essential Mask Sheet Set 10P★2023 Awards★

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Skin comfort, oil-water balance, quick absorption, and skin soothing all scored 100% positive satisfaction in human body application tests, demonstrating that the effect is noticeable after just one application.
The function of the sheet to gently tighten the skin as the essence is delivered to the skin was examined as we studied the different face sizes and shapes of more than 65 people, including "round cheeks," "short nose," and "narrow forehead."
It became more comfortable for various face shapes through constant research.
Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use it without fear because it has a skin irritation index of 0.00.
It is recommended as the best product for skin that becomes sensitive with even a little stress, according to the accounts of MEDIHEAL employees who claim that the tea tree has been deeply loved by the company and that MEDIHEAL's own special tea tree composition was added.
The MEDIHEAL of today can complete tomorrow's skin.
In addition to developing skin care products for the purpose of preserving the skin's original beauty, MEDIHEAL continuously researches consumer lifestyles all over the world to offer healing in all aspects of daily life.


Featured ingredients

Because more is better, this product contains a lot of deep tea tree and 4,555 ppm, which increases the calming depth of tea tree by 22 times. It also contains additional ingredients to boost the effect, including tea tree extract/leaf oil, tea tree calming biome™, and 4-terpineol.
TEATREE 1X extract/leaf oil contains the soothing basic ingredients "tea tree extract" and "tea tree leaf oil"; the TEATREE 2X Calming Biome™ is a proprietary mixture created by MEDIHEAL that enhances tea tree with a biome; and the TEATREE 3X 4-terpineol, a vital component that is only extracted from tea tree leaf oil's primary components and aids in skin care.
A milder bamboo sheet was used with consideration for the environment.
It is a moist bamboo-derived sheet that transports water directly to the skin without evaporating the essence, leaving the skin hydrated and comfortable.
It is a product that uses environmentally conscious sheets, and the sheets' vegan certification and biodegradable certification allay environmental worries while also providing comfortable wrapping for the skin.
We use FSC-certified paper and soy-based ink for small acts of environmental stewardship to lessen the burden on the planet.


How to use1. Apply lotion to your skin after washing your face. Remove the mask sheet, then fit it to the contours of your face.
2. Take off the sheet and gently pat the remaining essence onto the skin for absorption after about 10 to 20 minutes.

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