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It is the first product in Korea to use a 3-IN-1 adhesive container with magnets to achieve eyelash nutrition, extension, and perm effect all in one.
It is a product made by KAJA, a makeup brand loved by American beauty YouTubers, which won the 2019 Magazine Best of Beauty Award in an American magazine, jointly developed with S, a global cosmetics distribution chain.
Kaja is a makeup brand that GenZ (Generation Z) of the United States is passionate about, and it is rapidly emerging as a makeup brand representing K-BEAUTY as it was launched in 2018 with cute and colorful packages reminiscent of snacks.
The Kaja Wink Lash Trio includes an all-in-one mascara that can be layered individually or together, as well as a magnetic mascara that adheres tightly from the root.
The Clear / Volume / Lengthening 3-in-1 mascara contains 01 Clear, a transparent mascara that neatly coats the eyelashes and eyebrows, 02 Volumizing, a deep black mascara that makes the eyes dark and clear, and 03 Lengthening, a deep black mascara that makes the eyes thick and clear.
Consumer clinical tests were conducted, and 90.9% discovered that 02 Volumizing does not smear immediately after use, 97% discovered that the container shape of the product is convenient to use immediately after use, 93.9% discovered that it was comfortable to use all day after 24 hours of use, it immediately adds volume on the eyelashes, and 86.4% discovered that it adds lift to the lashes, achieving the long wear score immediately after use and after 12 hours of use.
In a consumer clinical trial, 90% found that the 01 Lengthening did not smudge after use, 93% found that lash layering was easy after use, 90% discovered that it produces clump-free lashes that look noticeably longer, and 88% discovered that the lashes look longer with each application, achieving the long wear score immediately after use and after 12 hours of use.
It is safe to use because all eye irritation test results determined that the product contained no irritants.
It is possible to create different eyelashes depending on the look of the day by combining mascara.
Use 01 Clear and 02 Volumizing to create deep and dark eyes.
Use 01 Clear and 03 Lengthening to create clear eyes.
Use 01 Clear, 02 Volumizing, and 03 Lengthening if you want to make gorgeous eyes even without false eyelashes.
It is a machine-washable type that can be easily and neatly removed in warm water without irritation or stain-retaining cleansing or a dedicated remover.
Recommended if you want to make your own eyelash makeup combination, if you want to solve volume, long and curl, serum and coating with one mascara, if you want to give your eyelashes and eyebrows a healthy coating effect, if you want to create rich and clear eyelashes, or if you want a longer, more neat curling effect that look like extensions.
How to use
Use Clear, Volumizing, or Lengthening on their own or in any order to complete your own eyelash makeup.
Clear can be used as a brow top coat to enhance the texture of the brows, or as a primer and top coat before and after applying mascara to create longer, more dramatic eyelashes.

This is a trio product of Kaja Wink Lash 7.5g.

01 Clear is a transparent mascara that neatly coats the eyelashes and eyebrows, 02 Volumizing is a deep black that makes the eyes dark and clear, and 03 Lengthening is a deep black that makes the eyes dark and clear.
01 Lash Primer + Brow Serum Gel (Clear) improves the durability, transparency, multi-brow color, and nutrition care of the lashes.
01 Clear is a clear serum formula that neatly sets and finishes brows and eyelashes. It works as a primer and top coat before applying mascara, and it has nourishing and conditioning properties for healthy eyelashes and brows.
02 Volumizing is a volumizing mascara with a magnetic touch and a peanut-shaped brush.
02 Volumizing has a peanut-shaped brush with double bristles of varying lengths that creates rich and voluminous eyelashes with a single touch.
03 Lengthening Mascara is a triangular brush mascara with CC curl extension.
03 Lengthening has a triangle-shaped brush that effectively holds and curls the eyelashes without clumping, creating long eyelashes that appear to be extended by coating them thoroughly from the root of the eyelashes.
It can be attached and detached with a magnet, making it possible to create a perfect lash anytime, anywhere, by using a 3-in-1 container that is easy to manage and store for the first time in Korea (design patent pending in Korea / China / USA / Canada).
It has a rich volume and a strong curl fixing effect that keeps the beauty for a long time.
01 Clear coats the eyelashes while also protecting their health.
02 Volumizing creates volume that thickens with application.
03 Lengthening makes curls last longer and stronger the more you use it.
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