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KAHI Hangyob Cream 30mL

KAHI Hangyob Cream 30mL

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Hanhyob Cream for enhancing the skin tone.
The product makes it easy to apply makeup smoothly like skincare without repeatedly dabbing it, and without the use of makeup tools.
Skin makeup is achieved even when applied to any skin tone without choosing universal shades of 21, 22, or 23.
Just simply spread and dab for the flawless skin expression without clumping.
Moisturizing makeup with strong water retention maintains seamless makeup with full moisture even in the late afternoon.

This product provides comfortable makeup that is light as base skincare.
This product has the UV protection factor of SPF35, PA++.
Let your skin undergo remarkable changes with just one layer applied, undergone a total of 43 human application tests.
Smooth skin texture that gives the feeling of the touch of an expert, showing strong coverage of pores and skin irregularities, after one use, skin irregularities decreased by 6.139%, pores decreased by 26.275%, yellow tone by 15.4%, red tone by 9.2%, brightening increased by 4.1%, surface moisture increased by 19.819%, deep moisture increased by 2.559%, and after two weeks, deep moisture increased by 3.11%, an 8.360% increase in tightness after one use, and a 5.145% increase in tightness after two weeks of use.
Smooth days and busy days where you need to give strength to your skin can be easily achieved in one layer.
Uses the FILMEXEL method helps improve skin radiance, texture, hydration, temporarily minimize pores and enhance makeup adherence.
Featured ingredientsA single layer of skin care ingredients that is good for the skin and contains 69% can create a lightweight, easy, and seamless makeup expression.
Contains 69% of skin care ingredients to provide deep moisturization without irritating the skin.
Provides moisture to tired skin containing salmon low molecular collagen.
Helps nourish the skin's innate strength by containing Sodium DNA.
Moisturizes skin with salmon proteoglycan protein to plump up skin with moisture.
Jeju Ferment Oil helps to moisturize the skin with moisture and effectively prevent moisture evaporation.
Jeju Excelsior Leaf Extract provides additional moisture.
Contains 10,000PPM peptide ingredient for moisturizing.

How to use1.

Apply a moderate amount of the content at the last step of skincare.
2. Spread it on the entire face as if applying lotion.
3. Lightly tap it to let it absorb.
4. Use the dual concealer and tap it on desired areas for coverage, such as dark circles, blemishes, and red skin.

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