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ilso Deep Clean Master (Blackhead Remover)

ilso Deep Clean Master (Blackhead Remover)

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This is the best blackhead remover, it smoothly remove impurities by swiping it cleanly!
Use it with various cosmetics such as compact packs and wash-off packs for deep cleansing.
Deeply cleanse blackheads, dead skin cells, sebum, and impurities by using it with various cosmetics.
It is designed with a thin and round shape to ensure full contact with the skin.
It is easy to grip and hold with a convenient grip design.
It is lightweight and can be easily used for daily use without burdening the wrist.
It is suitable for those who want to gently remove sebum after using nose packs, easily cleanse hard-to-remove wash-off packs, and tidy up dead skin cells and impurities while cleansing.

Featured ingredients

It is a slim fit round shape that is easy to use, made of sturdy stainless steel material.
The use of highly durable stainless steel material used for dishes adds stability.

How to use

Use it for the removal of impurities and cleansing after using nose packs, cleansing oil, mud cream, and so on.
1. After using the pack, gently wipe away the sebum and blackheads that come out.
2. After using cleansing oil, wet it with water, emulsify it, and gently wipe to remove impurities, dead skin cells, and sebum.
3. After using mud cream, remove the contents that are difficult to erase and sebum and dead skin cells 15 minutes after using the pack.

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