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d'Alba Slim Fit Ceramic Guasha

d'Alba Slim Fit Ceramic Guasha

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This is a premium home aesthetic care product for slim lines with an ergonomic design tailored to facial curves. From delicate facial lines to wide body lines, the gua sha the balance of the face and body.
Experience a seamless fit from narrow curves to detailed lines with ergonomic design that matches the facial lines of Asians.
For a slim line, we carefully care for every part of the face and body with 7 smart massage points.
With a comfortable grip that fits in one hand and a stable thickness optimized for massage, it completes the desired intensity of acupressure and precise massage.
Recommended for those who often have a face and body, those who want to slim down their face line, those who gain weight easily around their face, those who often have muscle tightness and want to massage, and those who want to easily manage massage anywhere, anytime.

Featured ingredients

Made by traditional weaving method from a specialized pottery manufacturer, it can be used for a long time without wearing out or deforming the material.
The density is a characteristic of being baked three times at high temperature according to the traditional guasha method, and being tightly packed to the inside.
Provides high quality with safety and usability enhanced through 360-degree enamel treatment without a bottom surface.
Using the traditional method with ‘Tempered White Ceramic’, which is the highest quality domestically produced natural soil, it is highly durable and resistant to corrosion.

How to use

Apply oil or cream to the area that requires massage before use, then use your fingers to gently press and rub it smoothly.
*After using the guasha, please clean the residues remaining on the guasha with tissue or water and store it in a place where it is not damp.

For the curve zone like the cheeks and forehead, wrap and lift the face from the inside according to the facial line and promote blood circulation throughout the face.
For the V-zone like the cheekbones, jawline, neckline, shoulder muscles, press the muscles that are tightened up and raised to match the jawline, upper part of the cheeks and neckline.
For the wide C zone, gently sweep down the line that is gathered from the inside of the arm from the neck to the calf and circulate the lymphatic vessel of the line.
For the twist zone like the thighs, calves, arms, armpits, sweep the inside of your arm and the upper part of the chest from the outside to the inside to stimulate the lymphatic pressure.
For the bumpy zone like the scalp, press the scalp tightly or sweep down to refresh the scalp.
For the pressure zones on the thigh, calf, arm, and armpit, use the round acupressure zone to press and loosen the tight muscles.

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