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MEDIHEAL Retinol Collagen Cream Lifting Mask Sheet 4P

MEDIHEAL Retinol Collagen Cream Lifting Mask Sheet 4P

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Lifting mask complete with dual sheet for intensive anti-wrinkle care.
100% satisfaction in firm tightening of double chin, improved facial line and droopy chin, and anti-wrinkle effect.
Cream mask for anti-wrinkle and elasticity care.
Improves lifting of cheek by 111.51%, corner of mouth by 109.30%, and double chin by 107.36%.
Lifting dual sheet can be easily attached from chin.
Completed low irritation test and sensitive skin irritation test.
Provides firm skin with nutrition without stickiness or stuffiness.
Improves nasolabial line by 38.18%, wrinkles around cheek by 44.08%, and forehead wrinkle by 22.94%.
Dual sheet that provides elasticity to deep wrinkles and lifts droopy skin.
Recommended for those who want to experience instant lifting care on droopy skin, intensive skin firming with simple method, anti-wrinkle care of deep wrinkles, and nourishment that is non-sticky at all.

Featured ingredients

Anti-wrinkle functional product made with 99% pure retinol and 300 dalton low molecular collagen for intensive elasticity.
Fine capsulation technology for less irritation and better effects provides non-irritating deep nutrition.

How to use

1. Take out the top mask and attach on face.
2. Take the lower mask to fit cutting line on middle of the chin and lift each side along chin to attach on cheek.
3. Remove the sheet about 10~20 minutes and then lightly pat the remaining essence for absorption.

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