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MEDIHEAL Derma Synergy Wrapping Face Mask Sheet for Calming Care 4P

MEDIHEAL Derma Synergy Wrapping Face Mask Sheet for Calming Care 4P

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Tea tree X Cica synergy face mask. Provides intensive soothing care.
Mild non-comedogenic cosmetics for acne skin types. Deep ampoule wrapping sheet that provides instant soothing of irritated skin by 45.65%. Completed test for acne skin types and shows sebum control by 25.59% and soothing of irritated skin by 45.65%.
The vegan fine fabric is thoroughly attached on skin like wrapping for deep ampoule absorption. Moisturizing soothing synergy ampoule soothes sensitive skin and provides moisturizing finish.
Completed acne skin test and has 0.00 irritation index on sensitive skin types.
Recommended for those who need instant soothing of irritated skin, water-oil balance care, moisture recharge on sensitive and dry skin, and simple and intensive skin care.

Featured ingredients

The synergy between tea tree and cica provides quick soothing of sensitive skin.
Contains teat tree 4X for moisturizing soothing.
Contains cica 4X to boost soothing.
The liposome technology provides deep and quick soothing care, while active ingredients are processed into micro particles for deep and quick absorption.

How to use

1. After cleansing, use toner for even skin texture and then attach the mask sheet on the face.
2. Remove the sheet after about 10~20 minutes, and gently pat the remaining essence to absorb.

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