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Morning Swelling relief mask reduces swelling of the face during busy mornings and firms up the sagging facial contour with peptide ingredients.

Reduce swelling and moisturizing at once.
Lower skin temperature to make your skin look temporarily clear and better your skin condition.
It slows down the moisture evaporation speed and care for oil and moisture balance to help pores care.
The cooling care effect of the morning swelling reduced the average skin temperature by 22.10% by using only one time.
It has completed the swelling relief and cooling effect clinical trial.
You can complete the skin irritation test and use it safely.
It adheres with a thin and light sheet, and you can feel the swelling going down by using before the makeup.
It is an ampoule formulation that feels moisturizing.
Recommended for those who want to relieve immediate swelling, those who want to reduce the cumbersome skin care phase, and those who want to use them every day in large capacity.
Keep the contents fresh with aplastic cap and a double label.
It can be used hygienically with mini tweezers until the very last sheet.
With 30 sheets, this is a large mask that can be used for 1 month a day.

Featured ingredients

The fermented pumpkin extract ingredient helps to relieve and moisturize swelling.
The cooling care of mentha piperita extract helps you calm your tired skin from the external environment.
It adds moisturizing skin through five types of peptides.
It excludes 20 cautionary ingredients for the skin.

How to use

Instead of skincare, it is easily taken out and used.
After washing your face, pull out the product with the tweezers, adhere it closely to the face, and remove it after 10-20 minutes.

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