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BIODANCE Bio Collagen Real Deep Mask Sheet 16P

BIODANCE Bio Collagen Real Deep Mask Sheet 16P

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The best-selling product of BIODANCE, with sales surpassing 1 million units and one face mask pack sold every two seconds, is the collagen mask pack of interest.
This product is called an essence that is pressed with many good ingredients, which feels very different from other packs, and a hydrogel pack that reinforces it as it is, and chosen by YouTuber Hanu.
This product is a BIODANCE Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask that can absorb every drop of the last ampoule in the mask pack directly into the skin.
BIODANCE Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask is a product that becomes more transparent as the skin absorbs effective ingredients through a hydrogel mask pack, it is not a sheet mask with ampoules applied.
A product that has completed a human application test for moisturizing, pore and elasticity improvement immediately after one use.
After using it once, the cheek area moisturized by 126%, and when tested on humans, it showed improvement in the volume, area, and depth of the pores immediately after use, improving pore volume by 19.40%, pore area by 19.65%, and pore number by 16.09%, showing immediate improvement in skin elasticity by 34%.
ALL EWG green grade, certified by official institutions, 19 controversial ingredients without additives, 20 harmful ingredients without additives, 25 allergenic ingredients without additives designated by the MFDS, and tested for skin sensitization.

How to use

For daily use
1. After cleansing, soothe the skin texture with a toner.
2. Take out the mask and place it along the face shape.
3. Once the mask turns transparent, remove it.
It is recommended to use it for more than an hour, but depending on the condition of the individual's skin, particularly dry areas may clear up more quickly.

4. Finish with the cream.
How to use as a moisturizing mask
1. After cleansing, apply the ampoule or cream that enhances the content absorption.
2. Take out the mask and place it along the face shape.
3. Keep the mask overnight and remove on the next day.
Apply the mask’s eyes and mouth on the areas with wrinkle concerns such as the nasolabial folds and neck.

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