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Anua Peach 70 Niacin Serum 30mL

Anua Peach 70 Niacin Serum 30mL

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Try the triple care effect of peach serum, which is proven by human application experiments, to achieve tone + texture + radiance all at once.
After use, the dark circle area under the eyes decreased by 13.57%.
After 4 weeks of use, dual melanin decreased by 22.46%, preserving the genuine transparency of the skin.
After using the product, the surface moisture of the skin increased by 137.85% and the internal moisture increased by 23.18%, making the complexion clear and moisturized.
It is a serum that makes the skin bright and radiant with the vitality of peaches.
With just one use, it smoothes the skin texture, and after one use, the roughness of the skin decreased by 5.45%.
In a skin texture improvement satisfaction survey, there were evaluations such as 100% of the rough skin becoming smooth and 100% of the skin becoming moist.
With a proven 2 times reduction in melanin, after 4 weeks of use, the melanin inside and outside the skin decreased by 22.46%.
After one use, the surface moisturization of the skin improved by 137% and the internal moisturization improved by 23%.
After evaluating the results of the validity survey, 100% of respondents said that they noticed a reduction in visible blemishes and pigmentation after using the product for 2 weeks, 100% also mentioned that their skin appeared clearer, smoother, and more hydrated from within.
Completed the skin irritation test, so it is safe for use.
To reduce plastic usage, it uses a glass container for the product.

Featured ingredients

Niacinamide inhibits the migration of melanin pigments and decreases their deposition in the skin epidermis. Anua Peach Serum contains 5% niacinamide for maximum effectiveness.
Niacinamide-rich peaches have been bio-fermented at a low temperature for 120 hours using a biotechnological method, resulting in a gentle and non-irritating formula.
The original pink hue of vitamin B12, along with triple hyaluronic acid and pink yeast, provides hydration and vitality to dull skin.
Desert Yeast Oil™, a patented pink yeast known for its ability to withstand desert dryness, is also included in the formula.
We have used upcycled peaches grown under the warm sun, blue mist, and sea breeze of Jeju Island.
The peach extract and fragrance used by Anua are allergen-free ingredients.

How to useTo use

for a refreshing sensation, dispense an appropriate amount of product on the palm and evenly apply it to the skin.
To use for deep hydration, dispense an appropriate amount of product on each cheek and gently spread it across the skin.

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